Studies in Christian Education

Studies in Christian Education


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186 pages.

Why didn’t the Protestant Reformation keep advancing? What kind of counter measures could be so efficient to stop such a momentous movement? What happened to those initial efforts? The answer to these questions is alarming. Though Luther and Melanchthon had been extremely devoted to the religious reform, subsequent leaders in the movement failed to train their youth to keep advancing the cause. The educational system did not receive the attention it required, and the results were disastrous. Shortly before 1844, several reform movements were raised by God to prepare a people to accept the third angel’s message (Rev. 14:9-12), and to stand true to Him during the investigative judgment (Dan. 7:9-14). But although professedly Protestant, the churches rejected the judgment message (Rev. 14:6, 7). They had not accepted the Divine method of education, and were unprepared for the Midnight Cry (Matt. 25:6). The object of this book is to review one of the major reasons for the moral decline and fall of the Protestant denominations in 1844. In light of this history, we cannot afford to repeat those mistakes. The principles of true education are essential to the fulfilling of the mission of giving the final message. In order to accomplish the work that was sacredly entrusted to God’s people, we must follow the educational model given by the God of Heaven. To present this model is the goal of this book.

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